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MORAV: Missions Live Action Series

MORAV: Missions plunges you in to the middle of World War III with a giant robot crew and an imbedded news correspondent as they fight for survival in a terrifying robotic war.  MORAV examines the human condition under the most extreme life and death situations. We are shooting MORAV as a live action series with loads of miniatures and other traditional practical visual effects, doing as much in-camera as we can. Since this is very much an independent production and we have no corporate funding, we are relying on the enthusiasm and generosity of our friends and fans to donate. If you would like to be a part of this incredible achievement, help us launch MORAV: Missions Live Action Series. Join our team and help. If you donate, we will put your name in the credits as a contributor, unless you would like to remain anonymous.


MORAV: Missions needs your help


Join the MORAV team!


MORAV Teaser #1


Behind The Scenes Sneak Peak

We are working hard to get this to you as soon as possible. While you wait, please enjoy a peak in to some of MORAV's live action and miniatures development. There are also some great still pictures in our image gallery.





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