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Tangri Police

The Tangri Special Police

The Tangri Special Police is a specialized unit within the normal Tangri Police Department and are under the strict jurisdiction of Kongpore City officials.  They are highly trained Police Officers who are often asked to perform the more dangerous operations that local PD can’t curtail.  These missions can include but are not limited to: serving high-risk arrest warrants, engaging heavily-armed criminals, preventing terrorist attacks, performing hostage rescue and sometimes, armed intervention in tactical settings.   TSP Teams are generally equipped with specialized firearms that would rival most small countries.  These armaments include: submachine guns (MP5), shotguns (Spaz-12), carbines (M-14), riot control agents (rubber bullets and tear gas), stun grenades, and high-powered rifles for “police marksmen,” also known around the military world as “snipers.”   They often have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, entry tools, armored vehicles and night vision optics.

MORAV Gen 3.0s are rumored to have been supplied to the TSP, but no one has seen one yet and all “confirmed reports” have been denied by local governments.



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