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Joint Nations Defense


The Joint Nations Defense Force (JND)

Countries around the world have privatized their defensive concerns at some point. They will always have the Armed Forces, but privatizations of certain areas exist already within the government as a whole. That’s where the Joint Nations Defense Force comes in. The JND is a more militarily aggressive version of the United Nations founded by a large group of multinational corporations to protect free trade and commercial interests globally. They’re a private military contractor that’s run like a major corporation and is for hire to any country that can afford them. Created because of the perception the UN had become more or less obsolete, they give a full spectrum of support to military, government agencies, law enforcement and civilian entities in training, targets and range operations as a solution provider. In addition to bases all over the world they have an air station on Tangri to protect international business interests and the islands shipping and receiving ports. They have been accused many times of serving as mercenaries for the multinational corporations bent on world domination, instead of the military aid organization they claim to be.



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